Where to Go in Shenzhen?

Are you feeling excited about your trip to Shenzhen? You should be because there are plenty of awesome sights and attractions to see in this city.

In China, Shenzhen is more of a financial and commercial city above anything else. Years ago, Shenzhen wasn’t much of a tourist attraction because it lacked the scenic attractions. In the recent years, the city decided to boost its tourism by developing theme parks and scenic spots.

Now, Shenzhen is drawing more and more tourists every year. What are some of the most popular attractions to visit when you’re in Shenzhen? On top of the list is Window of the World. This is a theme park built to showcase miniature versions of 130 famous sites in the world, hence, the name. If you’re looking to explore more of China’s culture and history, the top two places to visit are China Folk Culture Villages and Splendid China.

For some theme park fun, you should go to Happy Valley or Happy Kingdom. This is located close to Window of the World, so you can visit them both in one go. Happy Valley is a massive theme park with nine projects inside. There’s hopping, dining, games and entertainment that both kids and adults will enjoy. Another theme park you may want to visit is Minsk World. The other city attraction worth your time includes the Safari Park, Da Meisha (beach), Xiao Meisha Scenic Area (beach), Xianhu Botanical Garden, Xili Lake Resort and the Meridian View Center.

You don’t need a special shuttle to go around the city sights, you can simply call a cab to take you to your destination. In Shenzhen, there are red, yellow and green taxi cabs. Only the green taxi can go out of the Special Economic Zone. Taxis operating inside the SEZ is a bit more expensive with a flag drop of CNY10 for first 2 km, while the green taxi operating outside the SEZ costs CNY6 for first 1.5km.